MAMo 2019

We are in a time of rising, of new generations of grounded, modern Hawaiians.  A time of holding fast to our roots, of perpetuating tradition. A time of actively weaving a new future, of defining our own wahi as Hawaiian.  Inspired by this powerful narrative this collection honors our roots in cultural tradition and weaves old with new establishing an identity that propels us forward.  Woven through time, Kūlua presents, Woven Wā.

Shades of dusty pinks, fresh lau-colored greens, and woven creations thread the looks together while Kūlua’s beautiful textiles take new forms inspired by a modern nostalgia for all things classic Hawai’i.  The looks are adorned with natural green and dried lau headpieces and lei. Throughout you will see lau hala creations and the ulu hala, or hala grove, Kūlua's newest print illustrating the weaving foundation that intertwines our generations past and generations to come. 

beauty + headpieces by Keli Aiwohi and Nohea McKee of Fierce Salon
runway track by Kanoa Kukaua
photography by Kyra Glover of Woven Lens