It’s ‘ōlelo hawai‘i month and since we’ve started a new chapter for Kūlua, it’s time to reintroduce who we are, and the meaning behind it all, to all of you.

As with most Hawaiian names, Kūlua weaves together past and present. The name itself translates to “two standing”. It has physical applications in geography and nature as well as personal within relationships and across time. For us on Maui specifically, it is an old reference for our island with our two mauna standing together. No matter the thread, Kūlua is generally seen as a pair or mate.

Throughout the past three years of business, Kūlua, our understanding of it, and what it means to us, has, and will, continue to evolve. While our basic understanding of Kūlua remains unchanged, we have been exploring Kūlua through our namesake moon-phase and plugging into the energy of our mahina - learning her dynamics and following our nā‘au as we navigate the world of fashion and small business life.

In our new Makawao Studio Shop, we step into a permanent home in our community and continue to build our team of creators around our mission. We emerge as a collaboration of skilled, vision-filled wāhine designing and making clothing for our community.

And that, my friends, is what’s driven us from the beginning.

xo. Anna :)