Ka Lā sun  Ānuenue rainbow  ʻŪkiu rain of Makawao

A collection of prints inspired by the ʻāina, land, where our Studio Shop sits on the slopes of Haleakalā (or as some Kūpuna would say, ʻAhele i ka Lā).  We celebrate the dawning of day, the life-giving rain, and the light that dances in playful color when the two mingle.


This print pays homage to our largest mauna, mountain, on Maui - most often referred to as Haleakalā, the house of the sun.  Other older stories refer to it as ʻAhele i ka Lā, or the snaring of the sun.  It is here that demi-god Maui snared the sun so that his mother, Hina, had more daylight to dry her kapa, barkcloth.

Designed with an ʻohe kapala style print to show the small droplets that make up the colored stripes of a rainbow.  Our Ānuenue print is a slightly vintage striped look.


This light rain that falls in Makawao, Maui often comes down sideways as it catches the wind off the side of Haleakalā.  A yellow-tinted color, it is said to dye the leaves yellow.