who we are

We are an ‘ōiwi-owned and operated business founded in Maui that manufactures and sells authentic, culturally rooted fashion for wāhine, kāne, and keiki.  Our styles perpetuate the excellence of traditional Hawaiian craftsmanship by pairing function with poetic storytelling, beauty, and purpose in the way of our kūpuna.  

We tell the stories of our people and our land through fabric, color, textures, and garment details one seam at a time.

Made on Maui.  Made for Hawai‘i.  

from our designer, anna kahalekulu

Kūlua is an old name for Maui and refers to moku Kūlua or the two districts of East and West Maui, Kūlua Haleakalā and Kūlua Pu‘u Kukui.  Although there are other wahi pana named Kūlua, Maui is the foremost example.  It brings to mind the beauty of our mauna standing in their separate, but connected, realms.  It reminds me of the twin streams of Waiehu that I am blessed to call home.  It is not only the quantity of two, but also their connection - they are each other’s mate.  Kūlua: “two, standing; pairing off; twin; mate”.   

Beautiful pairs are all around us.  In nature, this relationship emotes subtle dualities or symmetries like in the Kumulipo’s naming and pairing of ocean life with a guard living on land.  Limu kala and the ‘akala vine or the ‘a‘awa and ‘awa plant for example.  In my own life, this paired essence is what my partner and I strive to maintain and nurture.  It is a beautiful balance and coexistence.  The two stand together and one energizes the other.  


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