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‘Āina Love : Our Fabrics : Modal

We come from this place and our love for this ‘āina is deeply rooted in who we are. It grounds the decisions that we make because we know that our actions today will impact generations to come. This is why Kūlua follows industry best practices for sustainability and environmental friendliness. What we put on our bodies - how it’s created and where it comes from - is as important as how that garment impacts our island home after. That MODAL… If you know our clothing, you know the buttery soft, so so comfortable, breathable and overall amazing modal knit that we use in our most popular ready to wear styles. It’s got a little bit of spandex in there to...

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About Palaka

Palaka's got a very special place in the heart of Hawai‘i. It's got the essence of childhood comfort, plumeria lei, and afternoon walks in the valley with grandma woven into its fabric.  The fabric was first imported for plantation workers around the turn of the 20th Century. And from this start, the fabric found itself a part of quintessential Hawai‘i life throughout the century to come.  My Dad, who was born in the early 40's, used to tell me that in his day they didn't wear aloha shirts. When it was time to dress nice for church or for pā‘ina, they wore palaka in the classic navy and white or red and white color. But, soon after, the aloha shirt...

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Print Story : w o v e n

We’ve turned to our woven heritage, drawing inspiration from our love of traditional lau hala weaving. While the pāwehe print celebrates woven creations, the woven ulu hala print celebrates woven origins.   Roots woven below, leaves woven above. The pū hala roots weave together and the ulu hala grows, thickening, slowly moving. The leather-like lau hala kū and moe in creation, interlocking with infinite possibility. Ulu hala nestled at the base of our mauna in the nahele. Ulu hala nestled by the sea in the one.           lau hala - hala leafulu hala - hala grovepū haha - hala treekū and moe - stand and lie, a weaving termmauna - mountainnahele - forestone - sand   SHOP NOW

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As a natural and sustainable brand, one way that we practice what we preach is sustainability through our manufacturing practices. We proudly create all of our clothing on the island of Maui - most of it being cut and sewn right in our Makawao Studio Shop. We believe in putting our community to work and we hope to inspire a new generation of creators for our community. Read on about commitment to sustainability.        

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Print Story : Pāwehe

You may recognize the pāwehe print - it graced the MAMo runway and was a part of our 2017 ready to wear Ho‘oilo (winter) release. We re-worked the original artwork into a new pattern - one that pays homage to the roots that inspired the print in the beginning. Pāwehe is a geometric design presented in a simple, horizontal repetition. It is reminiscent of the early twentieth century ‘ie style weaving of our kūpuna - a style of weaving that is pili to my ‘ohana and our home in particular. Laid out in a spectrum of watercolor blues, the print’s kaona (underlying symbolism) speaks to wai, it’s ebb and flow, and the giving relationship of twos. The pāwehe print is...

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