Caring for your Kūlua

Caring for your Kūlua

We put a lot of thought and care into making your garments and we hope that they are your favorites from season to season.

Guidelines for you to get the most life out of your Kūlua garments:

  1. Fold your knits (that modal!). …this actually goes for all knit garments - hanging them for extended periods of time will cause them to stretch out.

  2. Wash with cold water. It uses less energy in your home and is kinder to your fabrics than hot water. Whether or not you wash in or out of the machine is up to you.

  3. Lay those knits flat to dry. While you don’t have to worry about pilling in the dryer like with some other fabrics, it will extend the life of your soft, buttery modal knit garment to keep it out of the dryer. Our cotton sateen is a-ok to stick in the dryer.

  4. Iron prints face down. This one applies mainly to that gorgeous cotton sateen because we use a more eco-friendly digital printing process rather than dye and print our fabrics.


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