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Bee Akamai Eco-Wraps

Bee Akamai Eco-Wraps

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Bee Akamai + Kūlua
A collaboration for our Kūlua Conscious - no waste excessories line for the hale and ohana.  

Artisan-made waxed cotton wrap for sustainable food storage.  Infused with premium Hawaiian beeswax, coconut oil and natural resin.  

Wrap up fruit, veggies, cheese, bread, and sandwiches.  Cover a bowl or fold into a pouch for small snacks.  Use the warmth of your hands to seal.  

Hand wash after each use with COLD water and a soapy sponge.  Air dry.  NO hot food, NO direct sunlight.  KEEP AWAY FROM HEAT.  Store in the refrigerator between uses.
Certified compostable package and label.  
Handmade on Maui.

XS = 7x8"
S = 9x10"
M = 11x12"
L = 12x13"
XL = 14x15"



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